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Metalsurface Treatment Process
The phosphate coating process takes place in a way that phosphate crystallization of formless coating is created on
the non-metal substances and the non-conductive metals through chemical reaction process. It is otherwise called
parkerizing or bonderizing. As the phosphate coating treatment is simple and incurs low production costs, it is consid-
ered as an economical chemical coating treatment for the pretreatment of steel. The phosphate coating is used for the
basic work for the painting as well as for the metal cold forging for plasticity processing. It has been also widely used
for the pretreatment purposes, such as abrasion-reistance, electric insulation, corrosion-resistance.

The main purpose of the Iubrication treatment
The main purpose of the lubrication treatment is not
only to resuce the friction between the tool and the material,
but, also to prevent adhesion that could take place due
to the direct contant between the metals of the tool and material

Highly lubricant and heat-resistant MoS₂
This is contained in molybdenum that can be excavated from the
nature, while providing the most excellent friction-resistance and
abrasion-resistance properties As it is also highly superior in terms
of heat-resistance, adhesion and cohesion, it provides
excellent effect of plasicity processing.